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    BrahmByrd technologies providing following Migration

    1.    Desktop Application Migration

    2.    SP to ASP.NET

    3.    VB to .NET (C# / VB.NET)

    4.    Client Server to WEB

    5.    VB to WEB

    6.    SQL DTS

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    1.    Improved Performance

    Uses caching in code
    with automatic content expiration. This feature automatically expires and
    refreshes data from the cache

    2.    Better Language support

    .NET is platform
    independent and supports 25 .NET languages such as C#, VB.NET, and JavaScript.

    3.    Easier Maintenance

    Developers with
    relevant expertise in front end and back end programming can easily maintain
    code as compared to ASP

    4.    Improved Scalability

    .NET overcomes the
    bottlenecks created by ASP sessions, which used to work well only on the server
    where they were created

    5.    Proven methodology

    Reduces risk, cuts
    cost and increases ROI

    6.    Event Driven Programming

    .NET is an
    object-oriented approach that supports event driven programming unlike ASP