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    Custom Development & Integration is one of our core outsourcing services being offered. Our in-house functional and technical experts will assist your organization in building new system from scratch as per your business requirements, or by integrating packaged software with existing legacy systems.

    Our custom development and integration solutions will let you take advantage of current technologies in solving business problems and support your strategic initiatives. Your business could benefit from our expertise and can add value to your business and customers.

    We do understand your concerns regarding confidentiality of business information, losing control over future development of the system and knowledge transfer. As a principle, we assure all our clients on data confidentiality, full control over future development of the system and sharing knowledge with counterparts as needed.

    It is well acknowledged fact in the IT industry that every project is unique in terms of scope, time frames, budget constraints, and quality requirements. BrahmByrd tech has a team of highly skilled Project Managers with strong experience and proven track record in all aspects of SAP and Oracle Custom Development & Integration projects. Our Project Managers have the skills to assess your system needs, budget and time frame to plan out the system development.